A dream have I dreamed and I know not what it is: What to do when you have a scary dream

Dreaming in the classroom:
Can dreams portend the future? A look at biblical and rabbinical sources

Bar Hadaya, the Interperter of Dreams: A morality play in two acts: Why you should always be truthful

Interpreting Joseph's dreams: Where Israelite interpretation departs from the Mesopotamian Science
Nahum Sarna

Climbing Jacob's ladder: Modern interpretations that speak to the soul
David Curzon

Dream techniques in Jewish mysticism:
Dreaming in question, in color, and in tears
Moshe Idel

An analysis of a dream-story by S.Y. Agnon: A look at a frightening dream in "A Guest for the Night" by Agnon
Gershon Shaked

Two modern dream poems:
       Adam's Dream by Howard Schwartz
       Shulamit by Marcia Falk

Dreaming in Hebrew: rootword h-l-m: What to egg yolks, golden dream and longings for Spain have in common?
Joseph Lowin

Illusion and Allusions: Conversing Yehuda Amichai's "Halamti Halom" into English
Joseph Lowin



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