“Better a hundred deaths....”
Edition 14: Envy and jealousy
The Editor

Even the angels are jealous
A legend about the creation of man and the fate of the angels who objected
Introduction by Shalom Spiegel

“Sarah was a woman” — a modern poem
On kindness and cruelty, love and envy
Edna Aphek

Bitter biblical moments captured on canvas
Classical paintings of Cain and Abel, Sarah and Hagar, Saul and David

Where a husband’s “fit of jealousy” means something else
How the rabbis dealt with a most disturbing chapter in the Bible (Numbers 5)
Judith Hauptman

When jealousy is divine
Rabban Gamliel and a pagan philosopher talk it over
The Talmud

Imitatio Dei: To be or not to be (jealous like God)
Achieving holiness by emulating God’s ways
Solomon Schechter

"The Choice of Pearls": concerning envy
(Non-Jewish) words of wisdom by the great medieval Jewish luminary
Solomon ibn Gabirol

The Dog, the Cheese and the Water / Two Apes and a Lion
Two medieval “fox fables” about envy
Berakhia ben Natronai ha-Nakdan

“An Ancient Melody” in contemporary verse
“If you dare to love someone else.....”
Natan Alterman

Siblings, scribes and suspicious spouses
Hebrew rootword lesson: K-N-A
Dr. Joseph Lowin



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