"Dance the fire dance": FIRE
Letter from the Editor

Theophany at the Burning Bush: The Divine Presence - formless, mysterious, luminous
Nahum Sarna

Alien fire: not what you think: Admonitions on priestly conduct
Baruch Levine

"Is not my word like as fire?" (Jer. 23:29) Ten (or so) reasons why the study of Torah is likened to fire
The Talmud

The six fires of creation
: Aggadot about ancient Israelite fire
The Talmud

Fire beacons and the new moon: Figuring the calendar and passing on the good news
Hayyim Schauss

A beautiful woman and a rabbi on fire: Putting out the flames of sexual desire
Judith Hauptman

Who created fire? and what that has to do with Saturday night (and Havdalah)

Leaving fire in the confinement room: Fire as a sacred folk symbol of life and fertility
Raphael Patai

Thirst, sword blades, and enthusiasm: Hebrew rootword lesson: L-H-V
Dr. Joseph Lowin



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