First things first: Hebrew rootword b-kh-r: Camels, firstborn, and albacore tuna
Dr.Joseph Lowin

First names: From Isaac to Zahi: Jewish first names through the ages
Prof. Aaron Demsky

The first burial: What the raven taught Adam and Eve
Prof. Dov Noy

Firstborn: an introduction: Biblical sources for a special status

Firstfruits: an introduction: Biblical sources for an offering of thanksgiving

The birthright: On transferring the untransferrable
Prof. Nahum Sarna

The first letter: Aleph: An artist's pictograph lessons and reflections
Dr. Mark Podwal

The first siddur: The earliest order of prayer: a private affair
Rabbi Reuven Hammer

The magic in first things: The magical import of new things in folk religion
Dr. Joshua Trachtenberg



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