Lulavs, lilies, and lyres: Symbols on coins of antiquity

Ancient motifs on modern Israeli coins

"Light gains make heavy purses": Payment in ancient times
Roland de Vaux

Coins in circulation in Eretz Israel during the 1st century CE
Cecilia Meir, Exhibition Curator, Eretz Israel Museum

Gentlemen do not demand interest: Ancient prohibition on lending at interest
Jeffrey H. Tigay

Jews and moneylending in 12th-15th century Europe

Who is really rich? Wealth in rabbinic thought
Abraham Cohen

Why our rabbis taught that a loan is better than a gift
Byron L. Sherwin

Abraham the carpenter and the money hidden in the tree
A morality (folk) tale par excellence!

From Anglo-Palestine to Bank Leumi Le-Israel: Printing banknotes for the early state

Money, money, money: A Hebrew lesson

All of man's organs depend on his heart, and his heart depends on his pocket. (JT Teruma)




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