Sin/Yerakh, ancient moon-god: Worship of the moon god in antiquity
Introduction by John Gray

Fire beacons and the new moon: Figuring the calendar and passing on the news
Hayyim Schauss

The waning and waxing of the Jewish moon (phases to be reckoned with)

The magical powers of the moon: Medieval beliefs concerning the waning and waxing of the moon
Joshua Trachtenberg

Woe is to us! — a lunar eclipse! Common beliefs in the middle ages

The moon: a feminine affair A look at the special female symbolism of the moon
Intro by Ellen Frankel and Betsy Platkin Teutsch

Qiddush Levanah: blessing the new moon

Capturing the moon: A folktale about the wise men of Helm

A coat for the moon: A tale by the Hasidic master, Nahman of Bratslav

Variations on yareah: A Hebrew lesson



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