The spice of life
: Edition 32: Salt: Edition 32: Salt
The Editor

Salt as a blessing and curse in ancient timesbaby
Sodom and Gemorrah: Cities of the salt pillars
Nahum M. Sarna

A covenant of salt: Unbreakable like salt or a duty for all times
Two modern commentators offer alternative insights

"The salt of my bones": Lot's wife looks backwards at her life and marriage
Poem: Asher Reich / Commentary: David C. Jacobson

The world cannot live without salt ( * animation! * )
Rabbinical thoughts of the spice of life

Soak, salt, and rinse
The ABCs of kashering meat

Salting the bread and the baby: The magical powers of salts

Sowing salt
A tale from Helm

Schmaltz herring and matjes herring        
Claudia Roden

salt sack
Salt production at the Dead Sea: Beneficial for mummies, food flavoring, and bubble baths

Salt water, pillars and covenants: A Hebrew lesson: Rootword m-l-h



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