The icon in the title image of the SEVEN feature is a detail from Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers by Marc Chagall, 1912. According to a Yiddish saying (mit alle zibn finger), doing something with seven fingers means doing it well.  [more about the painting]

The seven commandments of the sons of Noah, or: We are all part of the same, single [Adams] family
Moshe Greenberg

Sabbath curiosities: Some you knew and most you didn't

Shemitta: remission of debts every seven years: Biblical program for reestablishing economic equilibrium
Jeffrey H. Tigay

Pitfalls of the seven species of the Land of Israel: Why the bikkurim offering was limited to the seven species
Nogah Hareuveni

The seven charges R. Akiva gave to his son Joshua: Timeless words of wisdom

The gift of seven years: A sweet little rabbinic tale about Elijah the prophet and doing good deeds

The seven-branched menorah: an evolving Jewish symbol: Cosmic and natural associations, historic and national symbolism
Ida Huberman

Seven times, seven hairs, seven circles: Magical procedures using the number seven
Joshua Trachtenberg

Shiva: an island in time for the bereaved: Seven days of mourning
Anita Diamant

Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers: A painting by Marc Chagall

A Hebrew lesson: Rootword sh-v-'a: SEVEN: Lucky number?




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