"There he goes along weeping . . ."
The Editor

The first tear: Or: A gift from Adam and Eve
The midrash

When angels weep: The angels interfere in the Binding of Isaac
The midrash

A child's tears and his father's resurrection: A story from the Zohar
Aryeh Wineman

Joseph's tears: retrieving absence: Joseph's (weepy) encounter with his brothers
Aviva Gottlieb Zornberg

Why Rabbi Akiba laughed while his companions wept
The midrash

How long will there be weeping in Zion? A dirge for the Ninth of Av

During the exiles' long night, God weeps: School of Elijah
The jar of tears: Syrian Jewish Folktale
Do these tears know: An inscription on a tombstone
Judah HaLevi

Mystical weeping (or: Dreaming in tears): A dream-inducing technique in Jewish mysticism
Moshe Idel

A Hebrew lesson: rootword [d-m-a / b-kh-h]: Crying hopefully through history
Joseph Lowin



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