megaphone"ADON OLAM -- Lord of the Universe," 8 part motet. The practice of cori spezzati, i.e. antiphonal choirs, spatially separated, spread throughout Italy during Renaissance times. Typical of Rossi's writing for this medium is a texture created with blocks of sound which alternate, dovetail and, at climatic moments, come together to create a full eight-part texture.

Adon Olam, the concluding hymn at Sabbath and festival morning services, consists of ten stanzas of rhythming couplet. Surprisingly, in Rossi's setting the music is not strophic, as is normal in congregational hymns. Insteadd the music grows organically from verse to verse with only limited thematic recurrence.

Music by Salamone Rossi Hebreo, sung by the Zamir Chorale; Joshua Jacobson, conductor

Recording excerpted from Zamir Chorale of Boston "Salamone Rossi Hebreo, Baroque Music for the Synagogue and the Royal Court.," which may be purchased from The Zamir Chorale of Boston,

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Translation of "Adon Olam -- Lord of the Universe:"

Lord of the world who has reigned
From the time's beginning,
Since Creation's day was accomplished,
Walking uprightly after His intent.
When everything emerged from nothing,
His might will remain alone,
As He was in majesty,
He was and ever will be so.

He has neither beginning nor end,
His being is might and splendor,
He is the redemption's light,
A rock and protector in testing time,
When my mouth praises Him imploringly,
He is my salvation, a radiant light.
To Him I commend my body and spirit
God is with me, I shall nothing fear.

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