stork nestThe monstrous ziz and other fantastic birds
Legends retold by Louis Ginzberg

Like Noah, like Utnapishtim
Dispatching birds in ancient times

"If you chance upon a bird's nest, let the mother go..."
Concern for animal, human, or hunter?

Birds of prophetic doom
Bristling, croaking and darting in the land of desolation
Virginia C. Holmgren

The white eagle and the crested hoopoe: Two legends about King Solomon
Retold by Ellen Frankel

Bird of ParadiseThe eagle in Jewish folkart
With a closer look at the two-headed eagle on the Hodorov synagogue ceiling
Ida Huberman

The Birds' Head Haggadah
: A medieval illuminated manuscript with a twist

Free as a bird
A Hebrew lesson

"Eagle! Eagle over your mountains"
A poem by the great Hebrew writer, Saul Tchernichovsky
Commentary by Robert Alter

Birds and the founding of Petah Tikvah
Or: How Petah Tikvah was almost not (and the birds would have been to blame)

The storks of Bociany: Life in a Polish shtetl
From the novel by Chava Rosenfarb



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