When baby Moses reached for Pharoah's crown: Why Moses was slow of speach
The Midrash

A crown, some oil and a throne: The coronation of kings in ancient Israel

Crown weaving in the celestial household: Proclaiming God's majesty and the deliverance of Israel
The midrash

Three crowns and a fourth that beats them all: A fine ethical epigram from the Ethics of the Fathers
Pirkei Avot

"The Kingly Crown" by Solomon Ibn Gabirol: A majestic poem by one of the greatest medieval poets
I. Elbogen

Ecclesia, Synagoga and the fallen crown: Anti-Jewish propaganda in the Middle Ages

Affixing crowns to the letters of the Torah: The scribal tradition of "tagin"

The ten mystical crowns of the Holy King: An introduction to Jewish mysticism
David S. Ariel

The crown motif in Jewish art: The deeper and broader symbolism
Ida Huberman

Hebrew lesson: Glory wisdom and splendor: Four Hebrew rootword related to Crowns
Joseph Lowin




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