A powerful series of paintings of King David
by American-Israeli artist Schwebel
Everett Fox

Interview with the artist Schwebel
A RealAudio webcast
Jennifer Turvey

Rise and decline of a leader
Everett Fox

How Jerusalem became the City of David

Why the Messiah must be a scion of David or: The prophets glorify bygone days
Salo Wittmayer Baron

The legacy of the harp: What David, Orpheus and Jesus have in common
Bezalel Narkiss

The figure of David in medieval and Renaissance art
Reuven Hammer

A couple of Pebbles and Sling: How David killed Goliath (elaboration and refutation)

Young David was lonely after he slew Goliath: Contemporary poet Yehuda Amichai challenges the national celebration
David C. Jacobson

Does David still play before you on the golden harp?: Poet Moshe Dor on the contemporary relevance of the Bible
David C. Jacobson

Pebbles and harp strings: Two contemporary poems about David
Josephine Miles and Thomas W. Shapcott

The Reconciliation of David and Absalom: Paintings by two 17th-century Dutch painters
Franz Lansberger




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