A letter from the editor: And the fish tremble in the sea...
The editor

Leviathan — king of the fishes: Its proud past and its humble (utilitarian) future
Shalom Spiegel

How the fish's heart and liver saved Tobias: From The Tale of Tobit
Book of Tobit/Apocrypha

The False Messiah and the Fish in the Cradle
Prof. Gershom Scholem

Fishes and foxes: Two fish parables teach different lessons
The Talmud

How fish can induce sexual potency and pregnancy: Fish charms, remedies and customs in Jewish birth customs
Raphael Patai

Purim plates. spice boxes and amulets: The fish form in Judaica art and objects

Gefilte fish and the Jews: The history of the Jewish love affair with fish
Claudia Roden

Reuven Rubin's "Goldfish Vendor": Carmela Rubin

Fishes in the new JHOM Judaica Art Gallery

Hebrew root word [d-y-g]: Fish in gastronomy, philosophy and theology
Dr. Jospeh Lowin



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