"Hair like a flock of goats"
, The Editor

Hair and hairstyles in Biblical and Talmudic times

"Bald from either side": An ancient / modern expression, Michael Katz & Gershon Schwartz

Shaving the sidelocks: A centuries-long prohibition

The power of unshorn hair: Or: The Nazirite's secret, Abraham Milgrom

"The hoary head is a crown of glory": The beauty of turning grey

"A woman's hair is her nakedness": The custom compelling Jewish women to cover their hair

Holiness in mourning: From shaving the head to remaining unshaven, Jeffrey H. Tigay

Alexander the Great and the Jewish barber: An Iraqi Jewish legend

"With window open wide": A poem and a choral rendition, H.N. Bialik / Yehezkel Braun





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