This issue: Memory and remembrance
The editor
The decay and restoration of Jewish memory
A leading Jewish historian discusses the role of historiography
Y.H. Yerushalmi

Collective memory and archetypal thinking
How Jewish group memory was preserved through the ages
David G. Roskies

The irresistible power of memory
The supreme duty towards memory and the need to forget after the Holocaust
Elie Wiesel

The forgotten: A poem by a boy in the Terezin labor camp
Orce (Zdeneck Ornest)

The man who stepped out of his shoes
A poem by a 20th-century Israeli poet
Uri Zvi Greenberg

Blotting out the memory of Amalek
A Deuteronomic injunction to wipe out a savage people
Jeffery H. Tigay

Twenty personal tips to improve your memory
The Rabbis of yesteryear take you to the head of the class
The Talmud

A Hebrew lesson: the rootword z-kh-r
Dr. Joseph Lowin



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