The four rivers of Paradise
Nahum Sarna

The bloody waters of the Nile River: A theory regarding the first plague in Egypt
Nahum Sarna

All about the Jordan River: Names, regions and miraculous crossings

By the rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137)   I: A hymn of national mourning
 II: In art and music
III: A romantic poem by Lord Byron, 1815

Diaspora religion by the river: A reflection
Joshua Adler

Rivers, sins and breadcrumbs: The symbolic ceremony of Tashlikh
Julius Greenstone

Beyond the Sambatyon  I: The myth of the mighty Sabbath River
II: A fanciful tale by 9th-century traveler Eldad the Danite

Songs to the River
by Hebrew poet Lea Goldberg

Rivers: Hebrew Lesson






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