Rocks and stones, The editor

The foundation stone: the center of creation
Midrashim about the stone from which the world was woven

The traveling rock
When Moses struck the rock and what happened later
James Kugel

A couple of pebbles and a sling: How David killed Goliath: elaboration and refutation

Mosaic floors in ancient synagogues
An archaeologist looks at the changing attitudes towards synagogue art
Rachel Hachlili

On One Stone - a short story by S.Y. Agnon: When a mystic gives up his writings to a rock
A. Mintz / A.G. Hoffman

Twelve gems and their magical qualities
An unpublished medieval manuscript discusses the virtues of the tribal gems
Joshua Trachtenberg
A magical worm called the Shamir
How the stones of the Temple emerged cut and ready from the quarry
The midrash

A Hebrew lesson: the rootword a-v-n: Two tablets, five stones and a potter's wheel
Joseph Lowin




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