Rachel steals the household idols (teraphim): A religious, legal or feminist affair?
W. Gunther Plaut

Theft, robbery and misappropriations: Variations on a theme

Whose fault is it anyway? Rabbinic musings on mice and men

The goat as armed robber in the ancient land of Israel
Nogah Hareuveni

Who stole the treasure?: A tale about the wisdom of King Solomon

I am Salve the thief, tra-la-la: Songs of the E. European Jewish underworld
Ruth Rubin

Stealing hearts, words and opinions: A Hebrew lesson

Lessons to be learned from the thief: Retold from Hasidic tales

A thief in his old age was no longer able to make a living at his trade. Hearing of his distress, a rich man sent him food. Not long after this, both the rich man and the thief died on the same day.

They both came before the Heavenly Court. The rich man was tried and sentenced to Gehinnom. But just before he entered the gate, an angel rushed forward to recall him to Paradise, explaining that the Court had had to reverse its verdict, for the thief whom he had helped on earth had stolen the list of his sins. [*]

Barnes and Noble linkFrom: Frankel, Ellen, The Classic Tales: 4,000 Years of Jewish Lore. Copyright © 1989, 1993 by the author. (Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson) pp. 563-4.

Kotsker Ma'asiyot (E. Bergman, 1924); English: Louis Newman, Hasidic Anthology (Jason Aronson), 1987.




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