Thunderous, lewd or divine: VOICE
The Editor

Kol — thunder, shofar and the voice of God: Drama at Mount Sinai

Voice from the whirlwind
: God answers Job in a panoramic vision      
Robert Alter

Bat kol
("Daughter of a voice"): Communicating with God when the prophets are no longer

Sounds that cross the entire universe: Two variations on a Talmudic speculation

Kol isha: The (indecent?) voice of a woman
Emily Taitz

Voice of a woman: Cantor Rebecca Garfein sings Kurt Weill's Kiddush (*audio recording*)

Voice, angel or spirit: Maggid as heavenly agent
Or: Mystical communication of the supernatural

"And all the people saw the voice": A Hasidic tale
retold by Martin Buber

Voice of the Turtle
: Singing the music of the Spanish Jews ( * audio recording*)

Voice (kol) — loud, soft or divine: A Hebrew lesson




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