Creating an original verse has never been easier. From the scrolling list we have provided, select any number of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and suffixes; the selected words will appear as magnets on the magnetic board. [*] Want to use different words? Choose a different list from the pop-up menu. In honor of the holiday of Purim, we have chosen for this Electro-Magnetic Verse-writing activity, words from the Book of Esther.

To delete a magnet, drag it into the trashcan. You can erase all of the magnets by clicking on the "Clear all magnets" button. Have a wonderful time!

You can e-mail a friend by clicking on the mailbox. They will receive a link back to the site with a view-only version of your poem. They need Netscape or Internet Explorer version 4.x to view it (sorry, Java is not fully supported in older browser versions). Please be sure to enter your friend's e-mail address correctly (just the e-mail address please, no leading name, no spaces, etc.). E-mail yourself if you want a permanent record of your poem.


Note: You need Netscape/IE 4.x or up in order to use JHMV.


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