"When Adar enters, joy increases"

When there are two months of Adar: Adar Aleph

About the month of Adar: Important facts and figure

Purim basics

Myrrh... Mor...Mordechai: All about the names of the Purim heroes

Two Purim folksongs: Audio recordings for your listening pleasure

Beating, stamping and rattling in the synagogue: Blotting out the name of Haman any which way

Purim curiosities: Bet you didn't know that....

"Believe me, dearest Esther...": A Purim play by 17th-century French poet/dramatist, J. Racine

Rembrandt and the story of Purim: The great Dutch master paints scenes from the Book of Esther
Franz Landsberger

Judaica Art Gallery: Celebrating Purim 17th-20th centuries

Purim: The Feast of Lots: Questionable origins, frivolous celebrations, and serious lessons
Francine Klagsbrun

Purim parodies in Jewish literature: Vile profanations or brilliant compositions?
Prof. Israel Davidson

Purim Association of New York, 1880s: How high society Jews in New York celebrated Purim a century ago

Electro-magnetic verse: Write an original Purim verse and send it to a friend

Send a Purim card
from our original
e-greeting card collection

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The Jewish calendar: How it is calculated and when it was established
The Jewish calendar: Solar/lunar structure
The zodiac in Jewish tradition




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