In honor of the joyous holiday of Purim, is pleased to present two Real Audio recordings of Purim songs, for your listening pleasure.
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Hag Purim presents the Zamir Chorale singing Herbert Fromm's arrangement of a classic children's song about Purim. Words: Levin Kipnis; melody: folk

The holiday of Purim is a great day for the Jews!
There are masks, noisemakers, singing and dancing!
Come, let's raise the roof with our noisemakers!

On the holiday of Purim we send one another presents:
tasty foods, sweets, pastries and confections.
Come let's raise the roof with our noisemakers!


Recording excerpted from Zamir Chorale of Boston "Seasons of Our Joy."

Hag purim, hag purim
Hag gadol layehudim
Masekhot, raáshanim, shirím ve-rikudim
Hava-nar'isha rash, rash, rash ba-ra'ashanim

Hag purim, hag purim
ze leze sholchim manot

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Hop Maine Hamentaschen    

In this historical recording, Raasche (U.S., early 20th cent.) sings a Yiddish folk-song that tells the tale of a housewife who eagerly sets off to bake hamentaschen in honor of Purim, but somehow doesn't succeed. The recording is courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways. From "Jewish Folk Songs of Europe­­Raasche" (FW8712); Hop Maine Hamentaschen, track 19; originally issued in 1960.

Yachne-Dvoshe's in a dither
Packing for the market-place,
She is off to buy flour
For to bake the Purim cakes

Ho, my hamentaschen
Ho, my white delight,
Ho, my hamentaschen
Didn't come out quite right.

It's raining and it's snowing,
And the roofs are dripping,
Yachne's bringing corn meal home
In a bag that's ripping.

She bought no honey, no poppy seed,
And quite forget the yeast,
But Yachne's making hamentaschen
They're in the oven at least.

Yachne's carrying her Purim gift
To her mother-in-law,
Two or three hamentaschen
Half-burned and half-raw.

Yachne dvoshe for in shtot
Halt sich in ein pak'n
Zi darf oif purim koif'n mel
Homentaschen bak'n

Hop maine homentaschen
Hop maine vaise
Hop maine homentaschen
Hot parsit a maise

S'geit a reg'n s'geit a shnei
S'kapet fun de decher
Yachne firt shoin korn mel
In a zak mit lecher

Nicht kayn honig, nisht kayn mon
Un fargesen hayven
Yachne macht shoyn homentaschen
Es bakt zich shoyn in ayv'in.

Yachne trogt shoin shalachmones
Tzu der mumen yente
Tzveidrei shvartze homentaschen
Halb roi; hald farbrebte. Folkways Records was found in 1948 by Moses Asch who sought to document the entire world of sound. The 2,168 titles Asch released on Folkways include traditional and contemporary music from around the world, spoken word recordings and documentary recordings of individuals, communities and events. Folkways was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution in 1987. The entire Folkways catalogue, which includes more than 50 recordings related to the Jewish Heritage, is still available. All recordings include extensive liner notes. For more information: [back]

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