Jewish Calendar - Kislev / Hanukkah


About the month of Kislev: Important facts and figures


Thoughts and Viewpoints

Seven times Hanukkah: Commemoration of seven important events in Jewish history

Winter solstice: Chasing the darkness: Thoughts on the shortest day of the year, Arthur Waskow

Origins of the festival of Hanukkah: The miracle and the revolt: changing attitudes, Arthur Waskow

Isaiah the prophet meets Socrates the philosopher: The Hebraic and the Hellenic view of life, A.L. Sachar

From Athens to Jerusalem: From balanced personality to passionate risk-taker, Mordechai Gafni


In Arts and Literature

The Seven-Branched Menorah: An Evolving Jewish symbol

Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages): History and two traditional melodies    (*audio recordings*)

The unfamiliar psalms of Mattathias and Judah: Passionate poetry from the First Book of Maccabees
Intro. by David Rosenberg

"Lo, the conquering hero cometh" - from Handel's Judas Maccabeus: The story and a historic choral performance    (*audio recording*)

Miracles for a broken planet: Recalling a childhood Hanukkah on the eve of the Holocaust, Chaim Potok

Early 20th century menorah designs, Bezalel Institute of Art

Hanukkah lamps, 18th-20th centuries

Light, Language and Prayer

Hanukkah acrostics : Literary ways to chronicle a victory, Sidney Hoenig

The world is like a dreidel or: How the rabbis Judaized the spinning top , Sidney B. Hoenig

Proverbs and parables about lights and lamps

Eight Meditations: Rededicating our inner sanctum, Chaya Kaplan-Gafni

A Hebrew Lesson: The rootword H-N-KH , Dr. Joseph Lowin

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The Jewish calendar: Solar/lunar structure
The zodiac in Jewish tradition




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