Calendar - Hebrew Month of Nisan - Table of contents

About the month of Nisan:  Important facts and figures


in the new


 Thoughts and Viewpoints

How did all the Israelites know the words?  Rabbinic speculations about the Song at the Sea
Prof. James Kugel

Moses' exultant Song at the Sea: A new translation with commentary by the translator
Prof. Everett Fox

Four cups of wine or five at the Passover seder? (When Elijah comes, we will know the answer...)
Shoshana Michael Zucker

Other meanings for eating unleavened bread: Wise words from a first-century philosopher Philo

The mystic drama of Passover: The power of Passover rituals as perceived by Jewish mystics
David S. Ariel

 In Literature

"Let all who are hungry come and eat": Three Passover tales

"Dear, kind, loving, darling Elijah, he came straight to me..."   Excerpt from the short story Elijah the Prophet
Shalom Aleikhem

The seder of the ignorant man: A tale told of the great Hasidic master
Reb Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev

 In the Arts

The Five Sages from Bnei Brak meet the Four Sons: A detail in the 15th-century Darmstadt Haggadah, Rachel Wischnitzer

The Four Sons: Haggadot illustrations through the centuries in the JHOM Judaica Art Gallery

Celebrating Passover: Judaica in the JHOM Judaica Art Gallery

Retelling the tale of the Exodus: A short history of the printed, illustrated haggadah

Turkish / Israeli / Moroccan melodies for the Passover table as performed by Voice of the Turtle

The Had Gadya Ballad: Its origins, and in music and art

 Customs and Curiosities

Passover curiosities: FYI and to enrich your seder discussions

Names and designations for Passover: Some you knew and others you didn't

Passover in a Union Camp
: Reminiscences from the Civil War, Joseph A. Joel

Illustrated matzah, anyone?  Rabbinic debates on the artistic perforation of matzah

 Language & Humor

A Hebrew lesson on the rootword: s-d-r, Dr. Joseph Lowin

Comics: The paschal meal — an exclusive affair, Noam Nadav


The Jewish calendar: How it is calculated and when it was established
The Jewish calendar: Solar/lunar structure
The zodiac in Jewish tradition

  In 1951, the Israeli Knesset declared the 27th day of Nisan as Yom Hashoah v'Hagvurah, in commemoration of the Holocaust victims and heroes.

A special version of the El Male' Rahamim prayer was written in memory of the victims.



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