Prague Haggadah, 1526

Amsterdam Haggadah, 1695

Chicago Haggadah, 1879

Illustrations: Lola, 1920

Jakob Steinhardt, 1923

Istvan Zador, Budapest, 1924

Otto Geismar (Germany, 1927)

Arthur Szyk, Poland, 1939

Nota Koslowsky, U.S.A., 1944



sources Photos and texts: A Different Night: Family Participation Haggadah, by Noam Zion and David Dishon (Jerusalem: Hartman Institute)

Passover in the JHOM Judaica Art Gallery

A short history of the printed illustrated haggadah

The Four Sons in haggadot illustrations from the 16th century to present times

The Five Sages from Bnei Brak meet the Four Sons, a discussion of a few details in the 15th-century Darmstadt Haggadah

All about Passover and the month of Nisan



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