Tishrei - Rosh Hashanah - Parable 1


The following parable, found in the Talmud (Shabbat 153a), is in keeping with the central role assigned to a human king.

A king invited his subjects to dine with him, without designating the date. The prudent among them kept themselves well dressed to honor the king when his call should arrive and waited at the palace gate. The stupid subjects paid no attention to the royal invitation and continued wearing their old clothes. Quite unexpectedly the king summoned the people to his palace. He rejoiced with the wise but was angry at the fools. He ordered the well-dressed subjects to be seated and to eat and drink; the others were to stand and watch.

This parable teaches that when an upright person dies, he enters blissfully into God's presence. But unrepentant evildoers will not know such future bliss when they expire. Since nobody can foretell his day of death, one should repent daily.

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