Tishrei - Rosh Hashanah - Parable 5


Someone asked the Maggid of Dubno whether or not it was presumptuous of him to rebuke his congregation on the High Holy Days, since among those present were persons perhaps more meritorious than he. He replied, "Let me cite a parable appropriate for these days.

"Once, about midnight, a lame man, who was unable to walk by himself, woke up suddenly out of his sleep and saw a raging fire not only in his own home, but also in other homes whose occupants were fast asleep. He awakened them with lusty shouts: 'Help! Fire! Get up! Save yourselves and save me also!"'

The Dubner Maggid then continued: "So it is with me. I am fully aware of my backslidings, but alone I am devoid of strength to salvage myself from the inroads of evil. These Days of Awe come like a flaming furnace to purge us of sin, and perhaps in our common worship and repentance, I as well as you will be saved from the fire and will merit forgiveness."

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