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Birth Basics

Cutting the cloth: A Sephardi celebration of pregnancy
Michele Klein

Mazal Tov: Jewish astrology and lucky stars
Michele Klein

Amulets, angels and invocations: Magical remedies for protecting pregnancy
Michele Klein

Naming a Jewish child: An historical perspective
Michele Klein

Circumcision: A widespread and ancient ritual
Nahum M. Sarna

Circumcision in Israel: A token of dedication and commitment to God
Nahum Sarna

Elijah's Chair: Or: The prophet was zealous and the chair came in handy

Boy or girl: Determining the sex in medieval times
Joshua Trachtenberg

On the birth of a daughter: One of the first naming ceremonies
Daniel I. Leifer and Myra Leifer

An Italian, Jewish prayer for nursing  
Translated by Nina Beth Cardin

Weaning ceremonies through the ages

Protecting mother and newborn: Folk methods from medieval times

Cuando el rey Nimrod (When Nimrod went into the fields): A Ladino folksong sung at the brit millah
Yossi Zucker

First names: From Isaac to Zahi: Jewish first names through the ages
Prof. Aaron Demsky



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