Our new Life Cycle section now includes two extended features: Birth and Marriage. In coming months we will be adding additional features.

Life cycle events, such as weddings and baby namings are for the celebrants and the witnesses alike. They reinforce meaning, reminding us of the paths we have chosen. They proclaim change of status and offer us a guide to ease the way. They speak in ritual language, knowing that our hearts can receive what our heads might not. Life cycle events give designated roles to both celebrants and community. When emotions threaten our behavior, boundaries and reason, we take refuge in acting according to the patterns of age-old tradition. Rituals fill the space around us, asking us to do, recite and be. We give ourselves over to them, knowing they will keep us safe.
-- Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, The Tapestry of Jewish Time: A Spiritual Guide to Holidays and Life-Cycle Events. Copyright 2000 Nina Beth Cardin (New York: Behrman House, Inc.), p. 191. Permission of Behrman House, Inc.



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