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yayin Genesis 9:20, 21
Psalms 104:15

yayin adom
yayin lavan
red wine
white wine

yayin matok
yayin yavesh
yayin hamutz

sweet wine
dry wine
sour wine
yayin vinegar, the son of wine wine vinegar

yayin yashan
yayin yashan noshan
old wine
very old wine
yayin ham'shumar preserved wine
(TB Berachot 34b)
high-quality old wine
yayin shulhani table wine ordinary wine
yeiniut wine-like character


"The one who brought the spirits... also brought news he had heard from the wineseller" (Agnon, The Bridal Canopy) producer or seller of wines; vintner
yayin saruf burnt wine liqueur, spirits
beit hayayin wine house pub
haykitz miyano woke up from his wine
(Genesis 9:24)
awoke after having been drunk
yayin hai
live wine unadulterated wine

yayin harekah
yayin adanim
Songs of Songs 8:2 expressions describing fine wine

yayin ben yayin

yayin ben hometz

wine son of wine

wine son of vinegar

good person, the child of good person;
good person, the child of a bad person
stam yaynam ordinary wine wine produced by a gentile for everyday use
yayin nesach libation wine wine produced by a pagan for ritual use (libation)

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