Wine in Jewish Heritage

Three hundred clusters and a barrel of wine: Wine production from Second Temple to medieval times
Salo Baron

Grain, oil and wine: The altar and the table of man
Nogah Hareuveni

Kiddush: Sanctifying the day over a cup of wine: An evolving tradition
Ismar Elbogen

"I drank and I was exhilarated": A first-hand medieval account of Friday evening Jewish drinking customs in 15th-century Alexandria
Ovadiah of Bertinoro

Satan and Noah planted a vineyard: The origin of viticulture according to the midrash

Kichlot yeni: When my wine is finished
A medieval poem and a historical recording of it set to a folk melody of unknown origin
Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Two sides of the flagon: Rabbinic attitudes towards wine drinking

Seventy is seventy is seventy: A cautionary Talmudic tale told in numbers

Italian wine in early rabbinic times: Luxury import or liquid measure
Gedalia Alon

Chlavne, who always loved a drink: A wine story by the greatest story teller
Sholom Aleichem

White, red, burnt, live, old, sweet, dry, sour: A Hebrew lesson: Wine (yayin)

Four cups of wine or five at the Passover seder? (When Elijah comes, we will know the answer...)
Shoshana Michael Zucker

The World-To-Come is not like this world. In this world one has to trouble to harvest the grapes and press them; but in the World-To-Come a person will bring a single grape in a wagon or a ship, store it in the corner of his house, and draw from it enough wine to fill a large flagon and its stalk will be used as fuel under the pot. There will not be a grape which will not yield thirty measures of wine. (TB Ketubbot 111b)




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