Imagine yourself in a hallway, an endless corridor before you an offering of options, a series of dark wood doors each opening widens with opportunity, each offers an unknowable path, letting you choose, demanding you move, challenging you to act. Which door do you lunge for?

The hallway is where I will my way through the world. It is the narrowness that leads to expansion, where one knock determines whole destinies. This hallway calls for precision, decision, the analysis of options, the care and the courage to choose true, exact, correct. This corridor is the tension before any great act — when the moment calls for a deeper determination to raise it from the vast heap of mundane happenings, to let it become a great occurrence in the course of life.

This night is dedicated to direction, to making decisions in the dark, to taking the leap of faith that leads to miracles. From the narrowness of the Greek domination, the Maccabees chose no less than the doorway to vastest freedom. They did not remain confined, nor walk through assimilation's passive door, but rather lunged for the doorway of self-dominion and independence, fearless of the fight on the other side.

Standing in a hollow hallway, doorways blind my eyes, I contemplate the path to my future, light three candles as my guide.



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