The shamash stands silent at the open door, silhouted before an inner light.
She ushers in a new guest, a new age, as the Messiah steps to her side.
Having journeyed through self to but arrive at the selfless,
the shamash has the final goal of discovery held solid in her outstretched hand.

The eighth night is the night of the shamash, the candle that lights all other lights. The shamash is the mystical servant, the symbol of service in the world. I dedicate this night to the self who serves, to the self who has striven for perfection for the sake of the greater whole.

She is the radiant Self of the selfless servant, open and extending, sharing light and life, like a flame never diminished with its spreading, giving forth freely of the source that lights us all.

The eighth night is dedicated to dedication, the dedication of the shamash to the service of humankind. She is an open invitation, the current which connects door to neighbor's door house to neighbor's house, self to community, to nation, world and the utmost of the universe. The shamash, the supreme usher, welcomes us into our own House of Holies, and Redemption follows in its wake.



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