Edition 36
February 2001   Shevat 5761 Vol. 4 Edition 2
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     Samuel Bak

     Voice of the Turtle

     Synagogues without Jews

     Ethical lesson

     Samuel ha-Nagid





A personal legacy stalks Bak's Holocaust paintings in the Landscapes of Jewish Experience. His canvases present relics of ruin and vestiges of order, a wasteland of Jewish tradition struggling out of its disarray, leaving his viewers to determine from this turmoil how much of a chance for renewal remains. The feature includes a webcast interview with and essays by the artist, commentary on his work by Lawrence Langer, and a flash slideshow with details from Bak's work.


December 1999.
The Arts section features paintings of King David by the American-Israeli artist Schwebel. His pieces move back and forth between the past and present; some appear timeless in background and dress, while many others are in modern settings. Enjoy also an audio webcast interview with the artist.

Spring 1998.
Documentors of the Dream: Pioneer Jewish Photographers in the Land of Israel 1890-1933 (Magnes Press and Jewish Publication Society, 1998) is the first comprehensive book to chart the origins and development of local photography seen through the eyes of Jewish photographers. The material is based on primary research mostly from Israeli archives, and interviews with descendants of the early photographers. Documentors of the Dream is the work of photographer and photo historian Vivienne Silver-Brody, of the Silver Print Gallery in the Israeli artists' village of Ein Hod on the Carmel. Enjoy also an audio webcast interview with Ms. Silver-Brody.

Spring 1998.
In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Israel, photograper Frederic Brenner has produced an exquisitely crafted book of black and white photographs of members of some fourteen recent immigrant families, all of whom he had previously photographed in their native countries. His photograph essay, Exile at Home (Harry N. Abrams Publishers, 1998), evokes questions regarding the definitions of "exile" and "home." Enjoy an audio webcast interview with the photographer.


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Haia Friedberg

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Ida Huberman

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Ida Huberman


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